Jetpeel® in Yorkton, SK

The jet peel facial is a revolutionary and high-tech skin rejuvenation device that uses cutting-edge technology based on jet aviation principles. It uses oxygen and water to exfoliate the skin while hydrating and oxygenating the skin simultaneously. Optional ingredients and specific vitamins tailored to your individual needs can be added. The jet peel was created with patient comfort in mind to transdermally deliver treatment without pain, discomfort or skin breakage. It is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.

What to Expect?

Virtually painless and all-natural it is an excellent choice for improving the appearance and texture of the skin. A gentle, refreshing, and relaxing jet stream is used to exfoliate the skin and improve texture, tone, hydration, and circulation. Your skin may be pink or blanched after your treatment depending on your skin tone but should return to normal within 15-30 minutes after the treatment. The number of treatments depends on your skin condition and your skin goals. Treatments are usually 10-30 days apart.

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